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About Nu-Pulse:
Since 1998 Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. has contributed to the success of companies and organizations by attaining high levels of maturity and security in their Information Technology (IT) Systems.  This success includes safe migration from legacy to modern IT platforms with high reliability mobile systems supporting thousands of transactions in the field.  We have successfully assessed the security of large enterprise IT systems and significantly reduced liability and risk. The Nu-Pulse process involves a shared vision of transformation, careful planning, and a secure design build approach focused on business continuity. Our Mission for over 21 years has been centered on the success and safety of our clients.

Course to Career:

We provide more than a class; we provide an experience. Nu-Pulse Technologies invest in the future of our students. We create value by investing the time, and extending the extra effort required to help our students fully understand the security concepts that are important to obtaining a certification and furthering their careers.

We believe that students learn by hearing and interaction, through the development of robust skills, knowledge, and abilities. Our experienced staff of certified instructors present the information in an easily comprehended format, then through interaction in group study sessions, group practice exams, and hands on with Cyber Security professionals, the information sticks in your mind.

Nu-Pulse Technologies has developed professional and personal relationships with our students through internships and career opportunities. Our students always have a source to reach out to in order to get to the next step. Let us take you from our classroom to your future Career in Cyber Security! From COURSE To CAREER, Nu-Pulse Will Be There!

Nu-Pulse Courses:

  • The Courses we offer are:

     -Security Awareness Training
     -CompTIA A+
     -CompTIA Network+
     -CompTIA Security+

  • Our Courses are offered virtually in a synchronous format to meet the demand of the working professional. We also meet the needs of the cyber professional through our physical on site classrooms AND online classes 5 Days a week from 9am - 5pm.

  • The Courses are taught by Industry Certified Instructors with combined experience that exceeds 35 years.

  • Courses are taught in classrooms and/or remotely at the convenience of your home.

  • We offer after-hours Collaborative Group Study Sessions & Exam Preparation with Instructors for assistance.

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